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Great tool for artists in this new age! [Jul. 11th, 2006|05:55 pm]
a collection of art
Hey, check out myartspace.com. It is a great new site for aspiring artists, art collectors, and other art related professionals. All you have to do is join (It only takes a few minutes and it is free.) and then you can cast votes for the art you like best. There is a competition going on right now. Once it is over the site will be up and running with a lot of useful tools for artists. View my work and if you like it vote for me. You can vote up to 20 times. My handle is Balhatain. In order to find my artwork on myartspace just type Balhatain (Just like you see it here.) under 'Find by handle or name:' There is a lot of great art on the site. Support the growth of the site and the aspirings artists who are on there!

Also, I was recently featured on undergroundvoices.com. So check it out! Thanks, Brian Sherwin.